you've probably been too busy Building Your BPO Empire to notice profit leakage 
from Ghost inefficiencies & Unknown Opportunities. 

We are the Experienced
fresh pair of eyes
That can help your Funded Campaign grow and earn more

We have deep domain expertise and have optimized campaigns for greater yield (Min +15%) 
in the following sectors:

Ad Tech- EdTech - Med tech -  Law - Real Estate - Banking & Finance - Restaurants - 
Resorts -Special Interest Publishers - SEO Practitioners - Digital MarketersVirtual ESL Businesses

Profit Is Our Product

If you are a successful BPO / KPO client, stakeholder, operations manager, or venture - backed startup using BPO services as a primary or non primary yield tool, we invite you to complete the form below to see if we can help you profit more.

Our profit squeezing campaign audits, operations edits and innovative tweaks have been responsible for over $80M in globalized omnichannel yield. 

Brain Juice & Tech serve to enable or enhance new profit centers which are invisible to most.  

But you don't know
what you don't know.  

Complete the form below and one of our analyst will contact you within 48 hours to see if we can make it rain in your part of the BPO & KPO world!

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  • [Fresh Eyes Audit- A]    5 Days  BPO & KPO Task or Call Center Efficiency & Operations Audit [Team Size Below 100 seats]  $10,000 Remote Audit. $20,000 On Site Audit.  Covers Standard & Aggressive Business Practices. Focus on Revenue & Compliance.
  • [Fresh Eyes Audit- B]    5 Days  BPO Task or Call Center Efficiency & Operations Audit [Team Size 500+] $20,000 Remote Audit.  $30,000 On Site Audit. Covers Standard & Aggressive Business Practices. Focus on Revenue,  Campaign Conversion Audits, Transnational Compliance, New Products, and Growth Hacks.
  • [Fresh Eyes Audit C]    Private Capital For Growth & Expansion Into New Markets or Derivative Products.   A Detailed Analysis. Minimum Expansion Unit Cost $200,000.  Maximum $500,000. Emphasis on B2B & B2C Product Sales.
  • [Fresh Eyes Audit- D]    Virtual High Yield Sales Campaign Development For Products & Services in Offshore Markets.  Nearshore Domestic. Inbound / Outbound.  Emphasis on Startup Mini Call Center Owners or Stakeholders.  Minimum Investable Assets of $2M for Turn Key Operation Which Yields 9% to 12% Within 24-36 Months.
  • [Fresh Eyes Audit- E]    Please Contact Us for a Free Strategy Call & Analysis.  For Startup or Pre Revenue Companies.  Remote Team Managers & Decision Making Seat Owners. Must provide complete contact info and detailed summary within the message field below.  
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